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Is Big Really So Beautiful? ERP failures

ERP implementations have caused financial problems for their clients In recent times, taxpayers and shareholders alike will have learned with disbelief of the sums necessary to plough into ERP systems by public and private sector bodies alike on top of the money already spent to procure and implement those systems. In 2018, after seven years […]

Choosing the Right HR Tech For You: A Conversation with Denis W Barnard

Read The Complete Article Click Here Key Areas to look for in an HR solution What kind of configuration do you have to have to get the information you need? What kind of role do you think HR tech and software can play in employee retention? In a new HR system, what kind of thing […]


I’ve spent a fair bit of time recently looking at various iterations of what are loosely called ‘HR analytics’ or ‘HR metrics’. The more I look at these clusters of figures, the more I’ve come to realise that not only are most of them nothing to with HR as a function in the organisation, but […]

Three fundamental laws of HR Technology

Three fundamental laws of HR Technology

Let’s be brutally honest; 2020 isn’t the year that managements and HR woke up to the fact that we need information. More like 1998 and earlier, so why is it such a big deal now? Savvy managements and HR managers have been using data from their HR systems for decision making ever since it became […]

How to ensure a successful payroll system

How to ensure a successful payroll system implementation

If there is one game-changing action that payroll professionals can help their employer with, it is in introducing an effective payroll system that not only makes key operational data available to the organisation, but also significantly reduces time-consuming administration activities. But introducing the right option is not as easy as it seems. Here are some […]

WFH: Six pillars of effective

WFH: Six pillars of effective homeworking

During the current pandemic crisis, business leaders handling the avalanche of government legislation have had another issue on their minds –  when this is all over, how many people can I leave working from home? Rob Williams, Denis Barnard and Lisa Ali examine what needs to be in place for people to work from home […]

The 2020s –Time to Lose the HR Handle

GreenRiver Technology WorldThe-2020s-–Time-to-Lose-the-HR-Handle

Human Resources – HR – along with its ugly siblings ‘Human Capital’  – just don’t mean anything as a title nowadays. In the light of so much change brought about by two years of emergencies, why don’t we now take the opportunity to call it something more to the point, and at the same time […]

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