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GreenRiver Technology World provides HR professionals with resources to help them to get the best HR software and related technology fit for their organisation.


Selecting & Implementing HR & Payroll Software: A Practical Guide


My decades of working in HR and observation of many HR departments led me to conclude that: it means something different to every organisation; HR’s current activities are extremely broad in scope and many HR departments are engaged on doing things that add little or no value in real terms. Everyone has an opinion on HR and HR people, but those opinions aren't always fully accurate. In this book I've attempted to define what I call ‘the true mission of HR’, distilling from the tangle of activities that comprise it at present and aligning it instead more closely with the business and its aims. I have quoted extensively from sources where I agree with their way of looking at things and dealing with them. If I can help some HR colleagues whack through the weeds that are choking the garden of our profession, then mission accomplished. If I appear at times over-critical of the function, this is not intentional, but we really need face up to things as they are, or we’ll never change them for the better!


Looking for Clarity
by Denis W Barnard

Selecting & Implementing HR & Payroll Software:

A Practical Guide by Denis W Barnard


Webinars and recordings of online sessions for HR and payroll



Your New HR System

The Journey from Start to Finish - and Beyond!

HR tech. is still unexplored territory for many HR students and practitioners, but it’s not showing up as a ‘nice to have’ any more – it’s crucial to the functionality and effectiveness of all HR departments irrespective of sector.

Further, it’s not just HR people who need to be up to speed on this; employees, line managers and the C-suite will find HR tech. touching their working lives more and more.

This series has been put together to take the viewer through the project from start to finish in detail and without jargon. Narrated in the author’s very personal style over 8 classes, it comes with back up text summaries, Top Five Tips and questions to stretch your thinking on what you’ve learned, which you can submit for the author’s comments.

Completion of the course will see you much more confident and equipped to take on and manage this extremely important project.


Complete Guide to HR systems

The Complete Guide to HR systems is the best way for you to gain deep insight and knowledge of this topic.
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