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Our collected podcast sessions as guests or hosts of topics ranging from HR, HR software, payroll and general business management


By Green River Technology World

||⫸ Denis Barnard shares his take on the HR Universe; sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but whatever the tone, he keeps it authentic! ⫷|| @GreenRiverTechnology

By Lano and Denis W Barnard

||⫸ With the expansion of teams rapidly taking on an international dimension, the question of paying employees has proved to have its own complexities, but navigating a compliant and effective course for company payroll can be done without too much heartache. In his interview with Maddie Duke for the Lano State of Work podcast Denis explains how and why. ⫷||


With much of the world’s business now operating predominantly online due to the pandemic, HR software and its management have become even more important than before. In this latest episode of Networx’s The Talent Exchange podcast Jessica Dodds talked to Denis to gather his insights into the current HR software landscape, and in particular: How to make the most of your HR software Managing selection and implementation of systems and The Three Basic Laws of HR technology.

By Rob Turley and Denis W Barnard

What is wrong with HR? Will it survive in a remote environment? What even is HR and what do those people even do?! Most of all, how are we going to fix it? Well, that's where AI's coming into play! We must reinvent the HR industry by enabling organizations to keep staff unbias, motivated, productive, and engaged in an increasingly remote world.
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